Unlock Your Freedom Lifestyle...

 Kemetic Experiential Introspective Optimization (Kemetic EIO) is THE definitive holistic wellness transformation system for Freedom Seekers worldwide... 


Connect more deeply with your ability to attain lasting clarity, stability, and prosperity (CSP) as you create your own wellbeing, define your own destiny, live for Freedom, and Feel Free to BE...


Join us for handcrafted wellness experiences led by Ufulu Child.  

  • Free Ultimate Checklist: 117 Effective Yoga Tips Book

  • Free #MUVEMondays Live Q&A Show

    Mondays at 7 PM CT

  • Kemetic EIO Personal Wellness Coaching Program

  • Free Kemetic EIO

    7-Week Online Masterclass

  • Kemetic EIO

    Deep Immersion Personal Retreats

  • Free 30-Day Online Yoga Green Book Experience

  • International Kemetic Wellness Retreats with Yirser Ra Hotep

  • Solar Visuals

    Sacred Geometry Artwork

  • Ufulu Child Presents:

    Freedom Night 2019

    Live Event

Are You Freedom Seeker?

You are a Freedom Seeker if you... 

  1. Create their own wellbeing,

  2. Define their own destiny, and

  3. Live for freedom...


Freedom Seekers are energized and motivated knowing that they are Free to BE…

If this sound like you, you're in the right place.


Shout out to the world "I am a Freedom Seeker"!


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