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Media Kit

Ufulu Child in the Media...

Meet Ufulu Child (Quick Biography)...

Hortencia Campbell and Maurice Clark, also known as Tenci and Sol Xprsn, are co-founders of Ufulu Child-- an Austin, TX-based home for Freedom Seekers worldwide rooted in artistry and wellness. Beyond being husband and wife, they are Hip-Hop/Soul performing artists and holistic healers with expertise spanning from Kemetic (or Ancient African) Yoga, Reiki, and Medicinal Herb Therapy, to Sacred Geometry Artwork, Songwriting, and beyond. The trajectory of Ufulu Child changed forever after witnessing Tenci’s mother reverse her cancer and diabetes by applying key elements of a holistic healing system they now call Kemetic EIO. You can find them hosting healing community events such as Freedom Night and providing holistic wellness coaching for lasting personal transformation. They craft every experience in a way that inspires others to create their own wellbeing, define their own destiny, live for freedom, and feel free to BE...

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Prepared Topics (to name a few...)

  • How Bridging the Gap Between the Arts and Wellness Can Save Humanity

  • How to Develop a Self-Awareness Practice at Home for Lasting 360-Degree Transformation

  • How to Excel with Kemetic Yoga (For Businesses, Creatives, and Healers)

  • How to Boost Your Yoga Practice with Simple Tweaks

  • How to Start and Maintain a Consistent Wellness Practice

  • How to Heal from Disease Naturally (Cancer and Diabetes Edition)

  • How to Live Your Truth: The Freedom Seeker Path of Self-Discovery

  • How to Use Meditation (and Self-Inquiry) as a Tool for Healing

  • How to Heal the New Generation Through Hip Hop Music

  • How to Embrace Freedom with no Form (Challenges and Transitions)


It's not often that you are able to see unconditional love personified. Ufulu Child is a beautiful example of how when you learn to love yourself fully, you begin to attract the exact kind of people, situations and opportunities that make you feel fulfilled. Not only are Tenci and Sol learned healers, they also are genuinely concerned about the dreams and aspirations that you are pursuing. Through their heart-felt music and passionate community involvement, Ufulu Child continually encourages me to be a healthier cell on our Earth's body. I am grateful to have shared time and space with them.

- Nnedi A., Austin, TX

 Their dynamic is really inspiring and you can tell there is passion there... From applying the tools from Ufulu Child's offerings, I have noticed a total turn around. Engaging and looking at myself at 'self' and understanding the difference between my person and why/how that 'person' has formed. It's lovely reconnecting with my personal self and knowing that everything will work out in some way and having the confidence to believe in that considerably more than before.... My self-care had been consumed by stress and things to do and tasks instead of going back to the basics of caring for myself. For me, it took Tenci reaching out on a personal e-mail to feel 'worthy' or 'enough' to give myself time for self-care.

- Cameron C., Portland, OR

Let me tell you about working with this powerhouse. Whether it's been through their art, music, or yoga and spiritual counseling, this duo is powerful, gifted, and the best you'll find out there. Beautiful art works, soulful lyrics and compositions, and a truly holistic approach to your health and wellness. I was amazed to stumble upon them and they've changed my life for the better. I'll be working with them for life. You should too.

- Kayla M., Austin, TX

In Your Own Words...

“Ufulu Child is equal parts relaxed, zen, soul-searching, and sophisticated, professional, business-minded. They have masterfully balanced running a content driven platform and providing a multi-faceted experience to the consumer with being absolutely personable, encouraging, and present with every person they encounter.” 


—  Nick H., Austin, TX

Ufulu Child is...

Ufulu Child is not just a music group. Ufulu Child is not just a husband and wife duo. It’s not just a wellness provider. Ufulu Child is a vibe. It’s a vibe that’s in harmony with life’s waves. It’s a vibe that profoundly shows you your own greatness. Ufulu Child is not a song, it’s a melody. Ufulu Child is not a dollar, it’s a currency. It moves in every aspect of life with the spirit of freedom, the mission to heal, and the guidance of truth. Ufulu means Freedom, and Ufulu Child is a home for Freedom Seekers worldwide rooted in artistry and wellness...

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